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Telema eFlow launch - take a queueing ticket

On November 18, a sneak preview of Telema eFlow, the longawaited purchase invoice handling solution was presented to a crowd of 120 company representatives at Tallinn University of Technology. Telema eFlow is a solution for cost allocation and electronic approval of purchase invoices. Telema eFlow automates and simplifies the entire invoice management process, bringing companies transparency, control and cost savings.

“Probably the most beautiful invoice workflow in the world” is the slogan the product carries. During its development, best experts in the field were employed for customer experience design. However, it is not only its design that should make customers choose Telema eFlow. For customers already using Telema EDI services, Telema eFlow will make the e-document system complete – both product and expense invoices can now be handled electronically in one environment. Find out 5 main reasons to choose Telema eFlow.

Currently, the product is in pilot use in 3 companies and first 10 customer preliminary agreements have been made. The demand for the solution has been unexpectedly high and next potential implementation slots run into Quarter 2 in 2016. In case your company is interested in the solution, please take a “queueing* ticket” by contacting Ayrton Grossmann, Telema eFlow product manager, at

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* Did you know the word “queueing” is a word in English with the longest consecutive use of vowels

Telema Portal: document transfer logs and alerts 

First five EDISupplier customers are working daily in a brand-new version of the Telema Portal since November 2015. Telema Portal is a web portal that is built for the benefit of all Telema customers, whether they use web-based or EDI solutions. Major functionalities include log of document transfer data, information on linked trade partners, support Q&A and service request form, as well as self-service options.

New Telema Portal is better looking and user-friendlier. It was created in collaboration with the best UX designers in Estonia. Some of the cool new features that make new Telema Portal convenient include:

  • Dashboard showing your Telema EDI connection status
  • Document transfer log with quick search options
  • Possibility to connect with new trade partners
  • Alerts for any documents needing your attention.

First quarter of 2016 will be the deadline for migrating the remaining EDI customers, while all other customers will be migrated over the rest of the year.

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2016 takes Telema MMT to Google Play

In 2016, there will be a new version of Telema MMT, the solution for sales agents to compose orders in shops using their mobile devices. Telema MMT usage reached an all time high in 2015: more than 300 sales agents are using the solution daily. With additional users come additional ideas for further functionalities.

One of the major changes in next version will take Telema MMT to Google Play, the wellknown app-store for Android users. Upgrading to new future versions will thus be much more comfortable and even set as automatic.

Personalisation, asked by many users, will also become reality. Users will be able to choose a light (better for tablets) or dark (better for phones) background as well as change the size of text. Telema MMT Merchandising module will allow to record market data not only about one’s own, but also about competitor’s products. The new Telema MMT version will be compatible with the newest Android devices and feature improved product pictures sync, price validity terms in price lists, as well as sales and delivery history on customer cards.

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Telema eAuction 2.0 - reverse auction solution used by Selver

From December 2015, Selver (Estonian retailer with 40 shops) uses a new version of Telema eAuction. Selver has been using Telema eAuction for 7 years already. Telema eAuction is a web-based auction that retailers can use in the procurement process in categories where there are many substitute goods. The solution allows easy and automatic comparison of the offers of different suppliers, as well as importing the results into ERP with correct product codes.

Today, the solution is mostly used for procuring fruits and vegetables. Suppliers submit offers, retailer will accept suitable offers and compile assortment for the next period. Suppliers will get notified and can prepare their sales portfolio for the next period.

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