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Telema eFactoring in use by Nordea Finance in Latvia

In November 2015, Nordea Finance Latvia started using Telema’s eFactoring service. The service allows automatic forwarding of e-invoices to the factoring bank, enabling suppliers faster financing of their operations. In Estonia, Swedbank has been using Telema eFactoring for over 11 years already. In Latvia, the first supplier to use Telema e-factoring was Premia FFL, sending e-invoices to Rimi and Nordea at the same time.

In 2015, Telema business in Latvia grew by more than 30%. The increase was driven by the new suppliers who joined the network in FMCG sector: L’Oreal, Pure Distribution, Jungent, Arkolat and Smiltenes Piens to name a few. The addition of the new retail chain Drogas with its 100 shops in March 2015 played a major role in e-document traffic increase.

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116 Eurokos cosmetics shops in Lithuania

In September 2015, Telema Lithuania signed a contract with Kosmelita – operator of Eurokos shops, the biggest cosmetics store chain in Lithuania. Kosmelita has 116 shops across Lithuania supplied by well-known suppliers in Telema network like L’Oreal and Kruzas NCD. Integration with Telema system is in its final stage and document traffic will start early in 2016.

Addition of important cosmetics suppliers in the beginning of the year set pace for new retailers of the sector. International chain Douglas (30 shops) joined Telema network in spring 2015, preparations are going on also with others.

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Estonian Defence Forces (Kaitsevägi) to use Telema e-invoice solution

Telema is really proud to announce that Kaitsevägi is increasing the use Telema services. We consider this as giving our little share to defending the country. Already over 10 years, Kaitsevägi has been using Telema EDIBuyer services (for product purchase orders and product invoices). Now, they added Telema eFlow for expense invoice receival. 

Along with the Estonian public sector move to e-invoicing in 2016, Kaitsevägi is optimizing its purchase invoice processes. Their objective is to receive all their incoming invoices (both product and expense invoices) as e-invoices. Receival of all purchase invoices in electronic form will enable Kaitsevägi to use electronic invoices approval flow, automatic cost allocation and import of invoices into their ERP systems as well as electronic archiving.

While savings in invoice processing time are estimated at 50-70%, the major benefit will be better clarity and overview of the whole process. All suppliers to Kaitsevägi are strongly encouraged to start sending e-invoices as soon as possible

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DIY sector news: Moki-veži in Lithuania, Knauf in Latvia and Bauhaus in Estonia

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) sector is steadily moving towards EDI. In autumn 2016, Lithuanian DIY retailer Moki-veži with 24 shops developed its systems and integrated with Telema EDI network. Lithuanian supplier Dekorika got connected to Bauhof and Rautakesko in Estonia.

In Latvia, several new DIY suppliers were added to Telema network: Knauf, Eirofiltri and SIKA Baltic. These suppliers are exchanging e-documents with large retailers DEPO (10 shops) and Kurši (15 shops).

In Estonia, first e-orders from Bauhaus started in July 2015. Many suppliers welcomed the opportunity and are using it actively, one of them is Penosil. Some of the new DIY suppliers added to Telema EDI network in second half of 2015 are Uninaks AS and Riia Lakid OÜ, who exchange documents with one of the biggest Estonian DIY retailers Bauhof (14 shops).

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Telema Net Promoter Score 41 - all time high

November 2015 allowed Telema to “count the chickens” for the current year. The yearly Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey resulted in a score of 41, a two-point-improvement from last year and an all-time record.

Out of the 490 respondents, half gave Telema the maximum scores of 9-10. The resulting average score was 8.26, also the highest ever. Customers commented that Telema services are professional, fast and convenient.

Companies using integrated solutions (where their business software is connected to Telema EDI System) experience higher value and satisfaction than those with simpler web solutions. Whether the monthly document volume is just a few hundred or tens of thousands of documents, EDI customers find that due to Telema services:
there is increased work efficiency;
personnel (sales agents, accountants) can focus on their main duties;
and relations with trade partners have improved.

"After starting to use Telema services, our daily workload has decreased by 80% and work has become easier," stated in the survey Mari Rihtla, the Station Manager of Alexela Oil (Estonian gas station chain of 63 stations).

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