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Telema’s EDI System got a new “heart”

Since April 2015, Telema’s EDI system runs on a brand new version 2013 of Sonic ESB software platform. The Sonic ESB is responsible for all the document traffic in Telema and is thus the heart of Telema system. Besides document transfer, Sonic’s main tasks are also document validation, format conversion, and security checks.

The new version of Sonic ESB is considerably more advanced than the earlier. As a result, the document transmission is even quicker, safer and more accurate. With the improved functionality, the chances of encountering software bugs have been nearly eliminated.

As part of the upgrade, Telema acquired also new and higher quality servers. Enhanced performance and reliability of the Sonic ESB supports Telema’s high safety and security aspirations. The upgrade project was carried out together by the specialists of Telema, Elion and Helmes.

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Telema eFlow – approving purchase invoices has never been so easy

Do you want to stop walking from desk to desk with a pack of purchase invoices? Confirm invoices via computer or cell phone from any place any time instead? Gain better visibility of accounts payable and quicken the cash cycle? With the new Telema eFlow invoice automation solution your wishes will come true.

The long awaited expense invoice approval service is in development stage and will soon be ready for testing. Telema eFlow solution will:
  • accelerate invoice approvals (over web)
  • enable easy cost allocation
  • have templates for approval flows and cost allocation rules
Telema eFlow will save time on invoice processing. It will also save money by letting employees focus on more value adding activities than data entry. Most importantly, for Telema customers it will make the e-invoice system complete – both product and expense invoices can now be handled in one environment. For more information contact eFlow Project Manager Sigrid Saluri

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Tips and tricks to make most of Telema Portal

Telema Portal has many new useful features for all customers. Here is a quick list of the tips and tricks:

  • Waiting for a document? Monitor your document traffic
You can check the log of sent and received documents in Telema Portal. When you are waiting for a document from your partner, you can check whether it ever reached Telema. If the document was sent by the partner and was technically valid, you can see it in the log in Telema Portal. If it is not in the list, contact the partner. If the document is in the list, but you have not received it in your own business software, contact your company’s IT support.
  • List of linked partners
You can see all your linked partners conveniently in partners list in Telema Portal. Before sending the linking request to Telema, please check whether the link already exists.
  • Key users in charge of user accounts
For full security each person should use Telema System with their personal user account (see more). Every company has assigned at least one Key User who can manage (create, change, close and delete) user accounts easily and quickly in Telema Portal.
  • Overview of services used
To find out what Telema services are activated for your company, click on Services under the company name in Telema Portal. You might find validating, matching, filling in the missing data to improve data quality etc. A lot of added value, not only simple transmission.
  • Receive again function
To re-import a recently received document that was accidentally deleted in your business software, find and open the document in Telema Portal and click Receive again button.
  • Service requests directly from Telema Portal
All requests sent via Service Request Form in Telema Portal are handled and resolved in priority comparing to any other channel (e-mail or telephone).

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Are you ready for new Telema Portal?

The design of the current Telema Portal is soon ten years old. The system has grown, Telema has developed immensely, and all the new ideas no longer seem to fit into the old „uniform“ you all know so well.

Not only has Telema changed, also our users have. New gadgets and apps have transformed the way they live their everyday life. We feel that Telema portal should reflect those changes. And we are not talking about a minor facelift!
The change project was initiated in summer of 2014 with a thorough user behaviour analysis. The best user experience (UX) specialists are on board to develop the most suitable new solutions.

So what should customers expect from the new Telema Portal and when?
Totally new dashboard for the quickest access to the most important things, more visibility on document statuses and a really easy way to connect new partners - to name just a few things to come in 2016. The first lucky customers will become pilot users already in autumn 2015.

Telema is developing the new portal for you. We have so many possibilities up our sleeves. But maybe you do, too? Please share your vision of the new Telema Portal with our development team by writing to

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How does Telema measure up to CIA guidelines?

CIA (not to be confused with the US Central Investigation Agency) triad is a guide to evaluate security of information systems. The name comes from the first letters of the following critical elements:
  • Confidentiality - a set of rules that limits access to the information and prevents sensitive information from getting into wrong hands.
  • Integrity - assurance that the data is trustworthy and accurate.
  • Availability - guarantee of reliable access to the information by authorized people.

In Telema, a modern 3-layer application architecture is in use. This means that data presentation, application processing and data management functions are physically separated. In addition to separating data, also processes have been moved into a separate layer. The use of the special Data Access Layer helps Telema EDI System to „talk“ to customer ERP databases without direct access to it. It can be illustrated by saying that Telema does not go to customer’s storage room to pick or distribute something randomly. We stay at the doorstep and the customers always decide what to receive and send.

The CIA of Telema EDI system is ensured by constant attention to confidentiality (e.g. all Telema employees and partners have signed a non-disclosure agreement with penalties of 1 000 000 euros), tight security rules (requirement for personal accounts, usage of certificates, etc.), data validation processes, constant hardware maintenance, timely repairs (if needed) and preserving a correctly functioning and upgraded operating system environment that is free of software conflicts.

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