October 15, 2014
15.10.2014 Telema's monthly EDI document volume surpassed 1 000 000
In September 2014, the number of electronic documents via Telema network exceeded one million. During past 10 years Telema has experienced remarkable growth. In 2004, it took a whole year to get million documents circulated, today this volume is reached in one month only.
“Reaching one million documents a month is an outstanding milestone, but the growth does not stop here”, says Hele Hammer, CEO of Telema. “We are glad that Baltic retailers and suppliers have understood the value of electronic data interchange and continue to increase the share of EDI documents in their operations.”

EDI documents are most widely used in the FMCG sector. All major retail chains in the Baltics (Selver, Prisma, Rimi, ETK, ABC Supermarkets, Palink, and Maxima) have either already adopted EDI or are in the process of implementing it. The network is growing tighter and becoming more active as new suppliers start exchanging their documents with retailers electronically. New retail sectors, such as DIY, are also contributing significantly to the EDI expansion.
Telema transfers about 20 different document types of which e-invoice and e-order are the most common. In 2014, about 3,5 million orders and 3,3 million invoices will be sent through Telema network, and together with other document types the total will be over 10 million documents.
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