November 12, 2013
12.11.2013 Telema supports the new innovation and business centre Mektory
MEKTORY, abbreviation of Modern Estonian Knowledge Transfer Organization For You, is an organization for contemporary knowledge transfer in science. Their new 4,450 m² four-storey building on campus of Tallinn University of Technology, opened today, is a network of different test laboratories, workshops, demo studios of companies, an exhibition and conference hall, theme studios of cultures of different countries and the Energy Discovery Centre.
The creation of the centre was supported by about 50 companies. Telema helped designing the innovation lab for logistics and supply chain management. It is a place where we will be organizing business simulations and interactive games.

MEKTORY is a place where science and market demand meet in order to carry out innovative projects. These projects are profitable to entrepreneurs and offer experience for students and opportunities of research and development to the university. MEKTORY is a place that promotes entrepreneurship and introduces the world of engineering. Students from different universities, specialities and countries establish project teams under the supervision of researchers to develop technological and design solutions, as well as business models!

Children, students, lecturers and entrepreneurs – all are welcome. An atmosphere has been created where people of all ages can feel at home and realize how interesting and down-to-earth the world of technology really is.

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