September 18, 2013
18.09.2013 Telema and Omnitel start cooperation
Electronic Document Interchange (EDI) operator Telema and mobile operator Omnitel start cooperation in Lithuania. The agreement covers joint marketing and sales activities of value added services for business clients.
Now, high quality telecommunication services and newest devices offered by Omnitel can be combined with Telema’s software as a service sales force automation solution Telema MMT. Combining Telema MMT and Omnitel communications solutions, suppliers of retail businesses are able to collect orders in real-time from their customers’ site, collect market information, check assortment compliance and out-of stock situations, and better manage their sales team.

“Cooperation with Omnitel brings Telema’s value added solutions closer to Lithuanian enterprise customers,” says Hele Hammer, CEO of Telema. She adds: “Requests to exchange information electronically are quite common in Baltic retail trade. Cooperation with Omnitel will help us demonstrate that EDI access can be mobile and easy.”

Having combined the newest devices, high quality telecommunication services and Telema MMT sales automation service, supply chain members can gain considerable advantage over their competitors and in their daily business processes. The aim of the cooperation is to make business operations more efficient throughout the supply chain.

Telema is the leading EDI operator in the Baltic States, offering IT solutions for automated data flow in supply chain processes. Telema transfers, converts, monitors and processes EDI trade documents such as orders, shipping notices and invoices. There are over 3000 shops and over 1000 suppliers in Telema EDI network. Annually, more than 10 million documents are exchanged. Majority of Telema clients are from the Baltic States, but there are clients also in Finland, Poland, Denmark, Germany and Netherlands, altogether in 14 countries.

About Telema MMT:
With Telema MMT solution, paperwork and double entry is minimised and sales agents can save up to 2 hours per day having more time for customer relations. Workload of the sales assistants and number of mistakes will decrease significantly. Since orders are received in real-time throughout the day, the order handling in warehouse becomes smoother. Downloading all the necessary information into sales agents’ Android devices helps to decrease communication costs. Compared to paper orders companies benefit from quicker and more exact sales process, and even up to 750 LTL value of efficiency per month per sales agent.

For more information please contact:
Rūta Narutavičė, Country Manager, Telema AS filialas Lietuvoje,, +370 682 64 567
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