January 09, 2014
09.01.2014 Roaming of e-invoices in Estonia a reality: Telema is now connected to Opus Capita and Estonian E-invoicing Centre
In December 2013 Telema signed cooperation agreements with local EDI operators Estonian E-invoicing Centre and Opus Capita (formerly Itella Information).  The roaming enables easy transfer of e-invoices to the public sector organizations in Estonia.
Telema’s business clients are now able to send e-invoices to schools, kindergartens, hospitals and all other public institutions. Major difference compared to issuing e-invoices to private sector is that in addition to the machine readable xml-document the public sector requires also the pdf image of the invoice to be attached.

According to Telema CEO Hele Hammer the direct connection with Estonian E-invoicing Centre and Opus Capita brings benefits to the clients of all three companies. “The suppliers connected to Telema EDI network having public sector organizations in their clientele can now easily issue and send e-invoices that meet all the customers’ requirements.”

“We are glad to broaden the e-invoicing options for our customers,” commented Margus Tammeraja, Head of the Business Unit at Estonian E-invoicing Centre, upon signing the agreement. “The agreement is yet another step towards the ultimate goal of all invoicing parties - paperless accounting," added Managing Director of Opus Capita Karl-Eric Schneider.

The client network of the three operators unites thousands of businesses and organizations who can all gain from the roaming and new extended e-invoicing opportunities.

Besides Opus Capita and Estonian E-invoicing Centre Telema has international roaming channels with SIS, Comarch,Tieto, E-Pasaule, EDITEL Austria, Basware, Itella ja GXS.

Telema is the leading EDI operator in the Baltic States, offering IT solutions for automated data flow in supply chain processes. Telema transfers, converts, monitors and processes EDI trade documents such as orders, shipping notices and invoices. There are over 3000 shops and over 1000 suppliers in Telema EDI network. Annually, more than 10 million documents are exchanged. Majority of Telema clients are from the Baltic States, but there are clients also in Finland, Poland, Denmark, Germany and Netherlands, altogether in 14 countries.

provides financial process automation – either outsourced or as a service – for more than 10,000 customers in over 50 countries. The company operates in nine European countries, employing 2,400 professionals. In 2012, net sales totalled EUR 270 million. Company headquarters are in Finland.

Estonian E-invoicing Centre  is an operator of e-invoices connecting recipients and senders as well as ERP-s, thus enabling companies the switch to paperless accounting. Estonian E-invoicing Centre offers a full service of sending, receiving and archiving of e-invoices. Estonian E-invoicing Centre is business unit of Eesti Post.

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