March 31, 2014
31.03.2014 Lithuanian IT companies are keen to learn about EDI
Last week Telema breakfast seminar in Vilnius gathered more than 30 representatives of ERP support companies. Electronic Data Interchange is currently one of the hottest issues for the trade companies in Lithuania. IT specialists were interested to learn more on what is EDI, which are the standards and technical solutions, and most importantly, how to help customers to easily implement it.
During the event Telema presented its Certified Partner Program. The status of Telema Certified Partner is given to the IT-companies who develop Telema EDI Module into their supported software enabling fast, easy and costeffective EDI integration for their customers. In-built Telema EDI Module gives IT-companies a competitive advantage as their customers can join EDI effortlessly. The first Certified Partner certificate in Lithuania was officially handed over to our long time partner Rivile UAB.

Guest speaker from GS1 gave an overview of standards that are designed to improve supply chain management as well as the importance of the GLN number. One of the most appreciated presentations were given by IT company Directo, who shared its experience, how good cooperation with Telema has generated sales and improved customer satisfaction.

The main idea of the event was to inform IT companies how they can make integration with electronic data interchange for their clients fast, easy and cost efficient. Considering the remarkable interest, depth of discussion and specific questions asked, Lithuanian IT companies are serious about taking a big leap forward towards EDI.

Please take a look at the presentations (mostly in Lithuanian):
  1. Pagrindines e-atsiskaitymu rinkos tendencijos.pdf
  2. Telema apzvalga.pdf
  3. EDI standards and organizations.pdf
  4. GS1 standartai_TELEMA seminaras.pdf
  5. Telema Certified Partner Program.pdf
  6. Telema EDI integration.pdf
  7. Directo Telema cooperation.pdf

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