March 31, 2016
31.03.2016 Baltic retail: 50 million e-documents in 5 years
In February 2016, Telema EDI System transferred the 50 millionth e-document since 2011, when the updated EDI system was launched. The 50 millionth document was a sales invoice sent by an Estonian supplier Salonshop to Lithuanian retailer Rimi. Telema transfers and processes electronic documents exchanged by more than 3800 shops and over 1200 suppliers in the Baltics
During 2015, the e-document volume exchanged by retailers and suppliers in Telema network was nearly 13 million. Telema transfers about 20 different EDI document types of which e-invoice and e-order are the most common. In 2015, 4,9 million e-orders and 4,6 million e-invoices were transferred through Telema network. Customers from 8 countries were actively involved in cross-border e-invoicing, which means that the sender and receiver of the invoice were from different countries. Replacing paper documents with electronic data saves time and decreases errors, while increasing both customer satisfaction and revenue throughout the supply chain.

“The 14% increase in e-document exchange last year will be followed by a faster growth in 2016”, says Hele Hammer, CEO of Telema. She explains: “While Estonian public sector has postponed its e-invoice requirement to beginning of 2017, both Lithuania and Latvia are making fast progress. In Lithuania, electronic waybills and sending invoice registry data electronically to State Tax Inspection will be mandatory already from October 2016. Similar state initiative is started in Latvia. This will mean accelerating growth in e-document exchange in all three countries. ”

EDI documents are most widely used in the FMCG sector. All major retailers in the Baltics are using EDI in trade communication with their suppliers. With the mandatory e-invoicing soon reality, the use of electronic documents is expanding to public sector and its suppliers. The next step is wider adoption of e-invoices also in B2B business and in other sectors.
Telema AS