August 31, 2009
31.08.2009 More than 10 000 e-documents transferred daily by Telema
In August 2009, the daily amount of electronic trade documents 
(e.g., orders, invoices) surpassed 10 000 for the first time. Telema, 
the biggest EDI operator in the Baltic States, exchanged over 320 
thousand e-documents in August. The growth in traffic is a result of 
both new clients joining the network as well as existing clients 
becoming more active.

In contrary to general trends, the number of new clients joining Telema network of e-document exchange has been growing at a steady pace troughout the year. Telema clients are mainly Estonian trade companies, but biggest growth this year has taken place in Latvia and Lithuania.


Hele Hammer, CEO of Telema comments: ?The apparent controversy of our success in difficult environment is actually very easily explainable. In times of electronic downturn, companies are taking the time to look for ways to make their processes more efficient. Especially for trade companies, there is lot of potential for automating information flow in the supply chain. Using e-documents allows for servicing clients at the same high level with less effort and resources.?


Telema is the leading EDI operator in the Baltic States, offering IT support to supply chain processes. Telema has over 500 clients, mostly in Estonia, but also in Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Poland and Germany. In 2008, about 3 million business documents were exchanged through Telema that represented trades that worth 2,6 billion Euros.

Telema AS