September 27, 2011
22.09.2011 Estonian e-invoices market, an article by news2biz

An article about e-invoices and Telema was published this month in news2biz`s newsletter. news2biz is a bi-weekly newsletter distributed in Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and China.

In brief:
The four strong players in Estonian e-invoicing market are Itella, Eesti E-Arvete Keskus (50.1%-owned subsidiary of Eesti Post) and the privately-owned companies Telema and Edisoft. Even though some players evaded revealing some figures to news2biz, which makes a head-to-head comparison hard, the available information lead to an interesting overview of the Estonian e-invoices market.

While some companies are still afraid to go over from paper documents to e-invoices, Hele Hammer (Telema) and Toomas Türk (eArvekeskus) believe that e-invoices market will keep growing.

The article touched also upon e-receipts, which are different from e-invoices. An e-receipt project is being  planned to be implemented in Estonia by a foundation called E-teenuste SA.

Read more here, Telemas story is on pages 11-12.

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