Telema VMI Saving Calculators


Today, VMI is still a novel idea for most managers in many organizations. The enthusiasts believing in VMI often need to “sell the idea” to colleagues and/or the top management. 

In the process of the 2014-2015 ECR Europe project of compiling the new VMI manual, Hele Hammer from Telema designed a simple Excel-based calculator to be used in such cases. 

Telema VMI Savings Calculator is a strategic level tool for defending the business case to your partners or your management board. While many benefits are similar to both buyers and vendors, the costs differ quite a lot. Therefore, there are separate versions for buyers and vendors:

Telema VMI Savings Calculator for VENDORS

Telema VMI Savings Calculator for BUYERS

NB, further instructions to use the savings calculators can be found in the ECR Community's 2016 VMI handbook "Best practice in implementing VMI", chapter 2.1.2. 

All suggestions for improvement of the VMI calculators are warmly welcome at