Telema Supplier Visibility and VMI


Over 8% of goods in a retail store are constantly out of stock, during promotions even 30%That results in over 5% of revenue loss.

How much sales have YOU lost due to out-of-stock (OOS) in retail stores?

Telema Supplier Visibility improves on-shelf availability (OSA) 

Using Telema Supplier Visibility suppliers can get daily sales and stock info (POS data) about their products' from the retailer's warehouse or stores.

Advantages of using Telema Supplier Visibility:

Monitor daily sales and changes in demand 
Discover possible mistakes (e.g. phantom inventory)
Determine products that need delivery and replenishment 
Proactively advise customer to order to prevent OOS
Find products not selling in specific regions  
Import the data into your business software 
Effectively evaluate promotions   

Using daily POS data, Telema Visibility web solution presents useful overview of current sales and stock situation.

    * DOS Days of Supply

Some retailers providing POS data to suppliers

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Consumer demand is unpredictable, but using POS data and Telema Supplier VMI service, we are able to react to changed demand within 24 hours (which is time for transportation). We deliver the goods to the stores where they're running low.

Indrek Lepik, Coomor Kaubanduse AS

Telema Supplier VMI enables automatic replenishment decisions

Starting Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) strategy with your partners? Make replenishment more efficient with Telema Supplier VMI solution!

Quickly and easily filter out products that need to be replenished

Create the replenishment order in just a few clicks
Import replenishment order to your business software for further processing

Read more about what is VMI strategy here

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